Don’t let increased costs, delays, and supply chain shortages erode your business’s profit margin.

If your business’s profit margin isn’t keeping pace with your revenue growth – or is contributing to bottom-line decline – you may need to re-evaluate your procurement and freight management.

With supply chain disruptions becoming the standard, it can be easy to jump from supplier to supplier looking to solve the issue, fast. But if you’re reacting instead of acting, what is that costing your business in the long run?

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Strategic sourcing and logistics optimization could help you boost profitability.

As you look for ways to find cash in your business, are you sure you’re looking at the whole picture? Full visibility and control over organizational spend, a strong sense of price trends, and insight into sourcing gaps are all ways to identify where profits could be leaking out of your bottom line.

Get an unbiased diagnostic of your current state.

We can work with your team to gain insight into your supply chain management and enhance your supply chain’s alignment with your overall organization – ultimately helping you improve profitability and cash flow.

Your sourcing strategy could be costing your business – but it can also pay you dividends.

Whether it’s a drive to cash, EBIDTA improvement, or long-needed updates, most businesses don’t have the internal resources to execute on a truly holistic strategic sourcing and logistics strategy. It can be a struggle to make this work a priority – but when companies invest in their sourcing strategy, we’ve seen it pay off time and time again.

At Crowe, we can help you develop the right strategy – and drive incredible savings.

Organizations that leverage strategic sourcing typically achieve improvement and keep it up.*

Percentage Guideline

We can help you drive long-term savings with a holistic approach to strategic sourcing and logistics management.

Our process helps your company see the full picture of your supply chain, align and negotiate with your best-fit suppliers, optimize your freight cost, and transform team performance.

Procurement spend analytics
Identify and qualify third-party spend savings opportunities, develop strategic sourcing plans, and track and sustain results using our advanced technology.
Procurement spend analytics
Category-specific sourcing strategy
Find savings and improve supplier alignment in areas like indirect, SG&A, transportation and direct materials with our objective strategic sourcing process.
Category-specific sourcing strategy
Logistics optimization
Gain bottom-line impact by optimizing logistics value levers like freight cost strategies, carrier selection, and mode and route optimization.
Logistics optimization
Supplier development
Improve operational performance with our supplier strategies, including site evaluations, integrated supply solutions, and score-carding and governance. 
Supplier development
Procurement & logistics team transformation
From operations gap analysis to organizational assessments to prioritized recommendations, we leverage best practices to help you develop sustainable value from procurement and logistics.
Procurement & logistics team transformation

Our team works through all facets of your sourcing to drive increased profits and lasting change.  

At Crowe, our team works with you to qualify and quantify opportunities, then build plans to deliver significant financial results. Because we’re vendor-agnostic and look holistically at your business, we’re able to focus on ROI and improving your operations in the long term.

Get a thorough analysis of your sourcing and logistics strategy.

Our strategic sourcing team can help you find cash and improve margin without affecting safety, quality, delivery, or customer service. Contact us to see what strategies might be best for your business.