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Risk Consulting - Financial Services

Change and transformation – a continued threat to resilience?

Now is an appropriate time for firms to take stock of their operational resilience journey so far.


Capital Gains Tax on UK property returns and tax payment - 60 days to act

How CGT will affect homeowners and landlords. Watch Mark’s recent webinar in conjunction with Rightmove.

Professional Practices | Global Mobility

Short-term business visitors

Are you tracking and monitoring the movement of your people?

Professional Practices

Basis period reform unintended consequences

From 6 April 2023, partners in firms which do not have a 31 March or 5 April year end will be subject to a new basis of taxation.

Financial Services | Risk Consulting - Financial Services

Is the business case for sustainability for Insurers all about ‘social’ impact?

The case for integrating sustainability into an insurer’s strategy is about attracting and retaining its own people and policyholders.

Forensic Services

The use of experts in professional negligence cases

Our forensics team assess the historic work of an auditor – professional negligence case study.

Pension Funds

PRAG issues thoughts on the impact of the Liability-Driven Investment Crisis.

The possible impact of the gilt yield crisis on the annual report and accounts of UK pension schemes.

Real Estate | VAT and Customs Duty services

Should I charge VAT?

We cover if VAT should be charged on the sale of surplus property.

Food and Beverage

Vertical farming

Traditional farming practices are becoming increasingly unsustainable, leading to alternative agricultural methods, such as vertical farming.

Business Solutions

Foreign groups setting up operations in the UK

Businesses often ask for our guidance on what the best structure, it all depends on what your UK arm intends to do.

Corporate Tax

Failure - the fuel of innovation

Innovation involves failure. Is it seen as the conclusion of something or the opportunity to learn more – to push the boundaries?

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Social Purpose and Non Profits

Managing investments: market challenges and key considerations


Tax and regulatory matters in Kenya: an update for INGOs

Social Purpose and Non Profits

Virtual Trustee Essentials

Social Purpose and Non Profits | VAT and Customs Duty services

VAT topics SUs need to know


How prepared are you for life's challenges?

Our new life builder tool demonstrates how we can help you and your family navigate the challenges by planning in advance for those key milestones, letting you get back to enjoying your live and achieving your goals.

Create your life journey

Providing individuals and families the right financial planning advice ensuring you meet your goals and aspirations at every stage of your life.

Supporting you to make the right financial decisions